We have been lied to all of our lives.  Yes, really.  And I am going to set you free!

No matter who you are or where you live, you have been indoctrinated with superstition.

Sound far-fetched?  Read on…

Last week I was pondering.  It’s something I spend wayyyy too much time doing, to the detriment of myself and my family.  I overthink nearly everything.  But sometimes it leads to a really good idea, and this time, it led to my best one yet.




That’s it.  That’s my epiphany.  It’s OK to enjoy good things.  I was taught from a young age, that if I talked about something good happening, I had to knock on wood, apparently to scare the demons of evil away from my goodness. If I didn’t knock on wood, or at least quit talking about it right away, the good thing would instantly be taken from me.  I honestly lived in fear of talking about the things that made me happy.

I took it even further, if it was bad to talk about the good things in my life, it must be bad to enjoy them. Every time something good happened, a series of irrational events would follow:

  1. I felt happy
  2. I immediately felt guilty for feeling happy
  3. I felt that something bad must be right around the corner
  4. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy (look at all of those people who have less than you)


That last one leads right into my second epiphany…

It is OK to quit eating when you are full


When I was a child, I would eat until I felt full, but I couldn’t quit there.  “Think about all the children starving in China!” Was scornfully whispered at me.  So I would eat up.  Everything on my plate, lest I seemed like a horrible ungrateful food-stealing leech.  Who was I to leave that bite of macaroni and cheese on my plate when other children were dying in the streets?

Why did they always talk about kids in China? What about the kids in other countries all over the world?  What about the kids starving right here in America? What if they sent the excess of food to them? BEFORE it was prepared, so I didn’t have to stuff myself and those poor children didn’t starve anymore?

I was literally 40 years old before I realized that I was making a healthy, rational choice by NOT eating all the food on my plate. 


Guess what?  I feel so much happier sharing the good things that happen in my life!  The people around me feel better too, as my happiness surrounds all of us, instead of being hidden away.  You know what else?  That extra weight I struggled with for years is under control now because I don’t eat more than I need to!  It’s wins all around!


And now I give you permission:


Enjoy good things and quit eating when you are full.  Guilt free.  You are not summoning up the demons to swoop in and steal your good fortune. You are not sentencing children to starvation. Share your good times and happy moments.  Throw away the last few bites of food on your plate you aren’t hungry for.  Have food guilt?  Do a good deed and donate to a food bank.  Then tell everyone else to do it too. Then, good things will keep being shared in the world!

And the next time someone tells you to knock on wood?  Give them permission not to, they deserve it too!


YOUR CHALLENGE FOR TODAY: Share something wonderful in your life with someone today.  Tell them all about it.  It will feel so good to think about something positive, and listen to their happy story too.  Smiles all around.


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