Happy New Year’s Eve-Eve!

Aaahhhh, the big holiday weekend is over, and the time to pack up decorations has begun.  I had an AMAZING Christmas this year!  Every year for the past decade, each Christmas has been better than the last.  It was especially nice to have most of the kiddos here overnight.  I love waking up and all being together in our matching pajamas.  I know it sounds silly, but that’s honestly the best gift I could have.  Now that we have adult children living in other states and away at college it means more to me than ever.

Now I have until tomorrow to rest up and plan what we’ll do for New Year’s. New Year’s Eve is pretty calm in our house. We always stay home. Too many drunken revelers on the roads. We try to have company and have them stay overnight. We have a little wine and a lot of games. I LOVE games! I’m really just a kid when it comes to them. (and probably a little too competitive!)


They have a great thing at our local library for young children called “Noon Year’s Eve,” where they count down to noon and have noisemakers and everything they would do at midnight. That way they can go to bed on time and still experience the excitement of the day. We’ve never tried it before, and this is the year. I like the idea that they can celebrate too, but we all won’t get wiped out completely keeping them up so late!

From things happening in the world, our country, and my family, 2016 has been quite an unusual year. I’m looking forward to 2017 being better. I’m working on planning more, both my time and my energy, so I can feel better and be more productive. I look forward to sharing the process with you, and would love to hear your ideas too!

YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY: Rest and relax.  A new year is just around the corner!

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