Day 1–Successful New Year Starts With Setting Goals!

Day one—2017 Has officially begun. Time for a new way of looking at things!  We are going to get things done this year, and feel good doing it! 

FIRST–Open up a new word doc.

SECOND–Choose a pretty font.

THIRD–Type 2-10 achievable goals for yourself for 2017.

FOURTH–Print them out on one sheet of paper and stick it somewhere you will see it. This way you’ll be reminded to move towards those goals during the year. (Over your desk, near your sink, or anywhere you won’t feel it’s in the way but you’ll still see it.)

FIFTH–Cross them off as you go during the year. It’s great to see the improvements we’ve made, and if they’re written down, we’ll see how much we’ve accomplished.


One more step if you’re up to it…  next to each goal, write the steps to accomplish each goal.  For instance, if your goal is “eat healthier,” steps could be:  1. plan meals one week in advance so I always know what I need to prepare healthy meals 2. have healthy snacks ready in the refrigerator, etc.  Large goals can be easier to accomplish if we have a plan of action.

That’s it! A simple start. We’re going to find new, simple, and easy way to accomplish great things together this year!

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