Day 8–Schedule A Weekly Day of Rest


It’s time to start giving yourself a day of rest every week. A GUILT-FREE DAY OFF EVERY SINGLE WEEK to do the minimum you need to do. Now, you might be saying, “I have a chronic illness, I rest all the time!”  And yes, many of us rest our bodies often, but what I’m talking about is different.  It’s an entire day each week that you set aside to relax with your family.  ON PURPOSE.  Find calming things you enjoy together to do on those days; games, museums, parks, long drives, trying new restaurants, or whatever you all enjoy together that can rejuvenate you.


Just sit back & enjoy your family. Every one of you needs it. Your body and mind will both be refreshed. Give yourself permission to take a day off.  A weekend day is a good choice when the kids are in school and you or your significant other has a Monday through Friday job.   That way you can all relax together.  If you have non-traditional schedules, pick whichever day works best for your family.  Everyone will thank you for it.


















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