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You really are a SUPERHERO Why?  Because, even though you feel awful, you are going to GET THINGS DONE!  Because you are getting accomplishing things with half the strength of a normal human.  You’ve had days you thought you’d never get out of bed again, but you did it, and you’ll do it again.

And now you’re here, reading this so you can find ways to get it done easier.  Chronically Positive Mom is going to help. 


You're stronger than you think!




  1. I need help parenting when I’m sick/having a flare. Jen Hardy has written a book just for you!  Learn how to ditch the guilt, find joy, and have FUN again! It’s available on Amazon:
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  4. Everything around me is “blah.” HERE is an article about creating beauty around you.  We’ll be discussing that more, so if you sign up HERE for the list, you’ll get new articles as they happen.
  5. I just can’t get the kids to help out at home! CLICK HERE for the fist in a series of articles about getting the house in order, even when you don’t feel well.
  6. I need to get my house together, but it’s so messy it’s overwhelming. CLICK HERE for an article about tidying up your home in less than an hour. It’s a great place to start!
  7. I’m having trouble dealing with my symptoms, but I don’t know what else to try. We’re working on a new video series on our YouTube CHANNEL.
  8. I need to make more money, but don’t feel up to getting out more. Check out THIS ARTICLE outlines some ways you can make money right there on your computer
  9. I’m having problems with people arguing around me and it’s stressing me out. HERE IS AN ARTICLE that talks about the importance of not engaging to start with, there are links to more at the bottom of it
  10. I feel so alienated, I wish other people knew what to say. There are two articles, one that tells people WHAT TO SAY, and one that tells them WHAT NOT TO SAY.  We also have t-shirts with the top 10 lists, so you don’t have to speak for them to know.  HERE’S THE LINK TO OUR T-SHIRT STORE. 




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  • Want to find out how other women are handling their symptoms?



Join us and invite your friends! Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PCOS, MS, there is no end to the list of health issues that women are struggling with. No matter what challenges you face, we want to be a safe place to share and be nurtured.




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Day 10 — Surround Yourself With Beauty




Let me start by saying that I am not talking about hair and makeup, or fashion.  I’m talking about CREATING BEAUTY AROUND US! As women, we are attracted to beauty, but many of us don’t put much effort in making our own surroundings beautiful because we’re busy trying to make everyone else’s lives better.  Today, I want us to make the space that we’re in most often more beautiful.

Beauty means different things to different people. To some women, beauty is hot pink and a lot of bling, to others it’s the colors and sounds of nature. I want you to think about what beauty means to you, and form a plan to bring more beauty into your life.





START IN THE PLACE YOU SPEND THE MOST TIME.  I spend most of my life in my bedroom.  Realistically I spend 14-20 hours per day in there.  That’s A LOT!! My space needs to be as peaceful and aesthetically pleasing as possible, but somehow, over the past few years, I’d forgotten how important that is.  Now that I’ve improved it, I can’t BELIEVE I waited that long!

Last month, I looked around my room and noticed that not only was it messier than I’d like, but it was dark and dismal. I like the color black, and my curtains and bedspread, pillow, etc. were all black. Well, let me tell you, that gets depressing! So, for my hubby’s birthday, I RE-DECORATED OUR ROOM.


Yes, that’s a Wonder Woman cape on my side. It reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to!

First thing, I got rid of the clutter that had slowly made our bedroom its home.  Then I changed the bedding and curtains, and even put a canopy on our bed. (Amazon, $16…can’t beat it!)  I chose a print that we would both enjoy looking at, since we share a room & I want us to both feel peaceful in it.   Last, I put a sign on the bedroom door that says “Welcome to Your Retreat.”  It’s like being in a whole new place, it really IS our retreat! It took one day and not too much work (I picked out what I wanted to buy online the night before. You can see what most stores have available for pick up that day and you know what’s in stock–no running from store to store to see what they have!)

While I was out, I also picked up a cute mail sorter that I’m using for a charging station for phones and tablets, so I don’t have a stacked mess of devices and cords on my nightstand. We love the sound of a fountain, and my next purchase will be a nice, soothing fountain to put on my dresser.  (On a budget but want to make a change? Here’s a hint, Macy’s has some beautiful, luxurious, high-end bedding and they frequently have deep discounts! I got a $360 bedding set for $60!)



If you need help deciding how to add beauty into your space, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of things are beautiful to me?
  • What helps me feel calm?
  • What could I add to my space to make me feel better?
  • Is there something that I’ve seen on vacation or someone else’s home that I can replicate that will make me smile?
  • What colors make me feel happy/calm/peaceful?




YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY: Decide what you can do to surround yourself with beauty. Even if it’s just one or two things at first. It really will make you feel better.




Day 9–How To Make And Save Money


Today’s topic is money


You’ve got a budget now, but do you need some extra money coming in to help with bills?  Maybe you could use a little extra money so you can have some fun?  Read on for some different ways to make some money full time or part time.




Are you happy at your present job? Do the people treat you right? If you’ve answered no to either of these questions, it might be time to look for a new place to work.  Some people believe that work equals misery, and that just DOES NOT HAVE TO BE the case! Every employer has a different way of viewing and treating their employees. Find a boss you’ll enjoy working for.  You will feel better physically if you are happy, and if you’re miserable eight hours a day at your job, happiness is going to be difficult.

If you don’t enjoy the type of work you do, look for something else. It’s never too late to try something different! You can even look into getting a certificate to help you find a new kind of career without having to get a degree in a new field. HERE’S A LIST OF SOME IDEAS for certificates.

(I never would have thought of #13!)



If you can’t work a full-time job (or just need some extra), you might be able to take a hobby and turn it into something that makes money. Etsy and Ebay are easy places to sell things, and you don’t pay anything to them until you make a sale. If there’s something you can make, or you have things at home that you don’t need that can bring in some money that’s a great way to do it!

CLICK HERE FOR A HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE on 101 ways you can make $500 per month. Not really sure about all of them (Did you know about #88?  It seems a little sketchy…) The list will DEFINITELY give you some ideas.  (Numbers 67-79 would be doable from your bed with a computer if you’re not feeling well!)

Many counties in the United States have ARC offices that help disabled people with a little money to help with medical and respite expenses. YOU CAN CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND PLACES THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU with financial resources if you’re disabled.  I don’t know about financial help for people with disabilities in other countries. If you do, please put your ideas in the comments below.

HERE IS A LIST OF US GOVERNMENT BENEFITS and that website also has a tool that you can use to find if there is other financial assistance available to you.  If you’re disabled and live in the US, have you tried filing for social security disability? If you do, you need to know that they automatically deny up to 50% of people up front. If you are disabled and have been denied, file an appeal within the time frame that they specify to keep your application going. It will take time, but will be worth it in the end.




YOU NEED TO BE SAVING MONEY.  I do understand that it is VERY difficult if you’re sick and there’s not very much coming in, but you need to have an emergency fund!  A good rate of saving is 10% of everything you earn.  Can’t save that much?  Try 5%, or even 1%.  Save SOMETHING every time money comes in.  Your goal at first should be to reach $1,000 in savings.  That way, if you have an emergency, you can take care of it yourself without being in a panic.  (Yes, we learned that lesson the hard way!)

Already have a good amount of money put away?  Fantastic.  Just keep going.  My goal is to have everything, even our home, paid off in 10 years.  We have committed not to use credit for anything, but we have some old bills we’re still paying on.  Next comes the car (so great not to have a loan on your car if you can avoid it) and then the house.  It’s tough to do it, but it can be done.  And how nice would it be to be completely debt free?

If you have any other ideas about making money when chronically ill or disabled, please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to share them! Know secrets to saving?  Please share them too!

Day 8–Schedule A Weekly Day of Rest


It’s time to start giving yourself a day of rest every week. A GUILT-FREE DAY OFF EVERY SINGLE WEEK to do the minimum you need to do. Now, you might be saying, “I have a chronic illness, I rest all the time!”  And yes, many of us rest our bodies often, but what I’m talking about is different.  It’s an entire day each week that you set aside to relax with your family.  ON PURPOSE.  Find calming things you enjoy together to do on those days; games, museums, parks, long drives, trying new restaurants, or whatever you all enjoy together that can rejuvenate you.


Just sit back & enjoy your family. Every one of you needs it. Your body and mind will both be refreshed. Give yourself permission to take a day off.  A weekend day is a good choice when the kids are in school and you or your significant other has a Monday through Friday job.   That way you can all relax together.  If you have non-traditional schedules, pick whichever day works best for your family.  Everyone will thank you for it.


















Want more reasons?  Here are more articles that talk about taking a day off each week:



Day 7–Tidy Your ENTIRE House In Less Than An Hour!



Do you ever wonder how it all got there and how you can possible put it all away? How can you dust and vacuum your home when there are things lying around everywhere? **Please note, there are affiliate links in this post**

YOU CAN DO THIS! It’s easier than you think. We are going to break things down into manageable pieces. Deep breath…here we go.


Start by going into the messiest room. This is going to be something that the kids can easily help you do. Take everything in that room that is somewhere it doesn’t belong and either put it all on one couch or bed in that room. Don’t worry about putting things away yet. That’s it! Now do that in every other room.

Now you have one condensed place in each room with things to put away. You can put them away now or take a water break first. Have the kids put their own things away, and toss the trash into the trashcan. You only have a few things left to put away in each room and your house is looking GREAT!

IF YOU’RE TIRED, STOP NOW.   If you have more energy…..keep reading…




There are two types of dusting in our home. Quick dusting with a duster to get the majority of the dust gone, and intensive dusting to erase all evidence of dust. TODAY, IT’S QUICK DUSTING DAY; RUN A DUSTER OVER EVERY FLAT SURFACE (I LOVE the Swiffer duster, a link for it is below.)  Get it into the crevices in the bookshelf and other small places. This can easily be done by the kids and then you just have to dust the places they can’t reach.


In our home, there are two types of vacuuming as well. QUICK VACUUMING, WHICH JUST RUNS THE VACUUM OVER THE MAIN PART OF THE CARPET IN EACH ROOM, IS WHAT WE’RE GOING TO DO TODAY. You’ll feel good about it being done, and it won’t wear you out. If your kids are big enough, have them run the vacuum in a few rooms. Remember, we’re not going for perfection today, make it fun and they’ll enjoy helping next time. The link for the vacuum I use is below. It works AMAZINGLY well!  If you don’t have carpet, a quick sweep in each room will suffice now.



WE’RE GOING TO MAKE IT SUPER SIMPLE: Take all dirty dishes and put them in the sink & wipe down all counters and the table with a warm, soapy cloth.  That’s it!  Everything but the sink looks nice and you’re done.  The dishes will get done later.  It’s time to relax and enjoy your tidy home.



Hang up towels, put dirty clothes in their bins, and wipe the sink and mirror with a paper towel with some Windex.   Close the shower curtain or door on your way out and call it a day.  We’re just going for superficial beauty here.  Plus, kids ages 8 and older can do all of it!



  • your house is picked up
  • it’s dusted and vacuumed
  • kitchen and bathrooms feel better
  • you are breaking jobs down into manageable pieces to get everything done
  • and your kids know how to help you.

You can get something done even on the days when you feel bad because you know that it’s OK to just do a small thing at a time, and everything doesn’t have to be done at once! I can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you. Send me an e-mail and let me know. Just CLICK HERE.

Day 6–Declutter and Donate


We’re past the halfway point!  Starting tomorrow, we’re going to conquer the day to day things around the house that need a plan, but before we get started, let’s de-clutter our homes!



Clutter can fill your mind as well as your home when it’s everywhere.  Let’s stop looking at stuff we don’t need. **helpful hint** use black trash bags so no one sees anything in there that they want to pull back out.  (Lesson learned the hard way) HERE’S HOW WE’RE GOING TO DO IT:

FIRST– THE CLOTHES.  Start in your closet and put all of the things you realistically won’t be wearing ever again.   Next, move into the kids room with another bag and do the same in their closet.

SECOND–Do your children have an abundance of toys after the holidays?  Mine do!   Throw out the broken ones or things missing pieces, and consider donating some of the ones they just don’t play with. ( I just ask that you really choose carefully, don’t give away things that are still meaningful, I still hear the sad story of our giving away an old child-sized couch I thought my daughter was too big for.  She still mourns its loss.)

THIRD–take a rest here.  Don’t wear yourself out! Spend fifteen minutes putting your feet up with a cool glass of water.

FOURTH–Now, where else is stuff hiding that you don’t need/will never use?  Do you have a stack of it somewhere?  Grab and bag it!  You’ll feel so much better when you’ve cleared out excess items from your home.  Plus, when you donate it, you’re giving someone else a chance to love them!

FIFTH–Do a walk through of each room in your home.  Bring both a trash and donate bag with you.   Try to find a few things in each room that can go away. Less stuff = less cleaning!



Click the picture to go to the AmVets site to schedule a pick-up and support veterans.



AND LAST–Call  a your favorite local charity or AmVets (American Veterans) or Goodwill and they will pick up your stuff so you don’t have to lift anything or take it away!  Be sure to get a receipt for tax time!  TA DA!  Less stuff to worry about, and less to pick up.  Plus, you’ve helped someone in the process.  Way to go!!!

Day 5–It’s Time To Make A Budget


Today we are embarking on a journey that many have avoided.  I know it’s not a word that everyone loves, but EVERYONE NEEDS A BUDGET.  From those with so much money that you can spend it on anything you like, to those who feel that they don’t have enough to budget, everyone who makes and spends money needs one.

THINK ABOUT IT LIKE A PUZZLE.  YOU CAN MAKE EVERYTHING FIT, IT MIGHT JUST TAKE SOME PLAYING AROUND TO GET THE PIECES TO WORK TOGETHER.  You really will feel better when you have everything on paper.  I enjoy filling out my budget each month.  I especially love knowing in advance what we’ve got for special events, like birthdays and holidays, so I can shop guilt-free!

Remember—always budget some money into the budget for yourself.  You need to give yourself permission to enjoy yourself!  No matter how much money you have, you need to have (at least) a little fun!

Day 4–Write All Appointments & Vacation On Your Calendar


Today we banish those pesky little pieces of paper that multiply in our kitchen and on flat surfaces that tell us about all of the dates we need to remember.  School events, doctors appointments, parties, they all have their own paper, or e-mail that let us know where and when we’re supposed to be somewhere.  Unfortunately, sometimes those appointments get missed because we have so many places where the reminders hide.  Today we are changing that!

GET OUT YOUR NEW, PRETTY CALENDAR AND ADD YOUR APPOINTMENTS TO IT. Look in drawers, on the fridge or anywhere you keep those miscellaneous papers telling you about important dates and write them all down.  Now you can let go of those papers!  Not only will you be prepared, but you won’t have that clutter in your space any more.  From now on, write every event you hear about in your calendar as soon as possible.


**BONUS FOR TODAY–Be sure to put your vacation in there, as well as a reminder 2 weeks before your vacation to purchase clothes and supplies.**

Can’t afford a vacation this year?  Plan a “staycation.” According to Wikipedia a stay·ca·tion is:

a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

CAN’T GET OUT BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT FEELING WELL?  PLAN IT ALL AT HOME!  It might sound silly at first, but everyone needs a break.  Schedule a few days to turn off the phone & computer, rent a bunch of movies, and order in or buy your favorite feel-good foods.  Maybe you can invite a friend or friends to join you.

Getting into the idea?  You can even have a theme, like watching beach movies and setting up beach towels in the living room.  Make some pina coladas and enjoy!

Day 3: Put Recurring Events On Your Calendar


Day three is fun, and doing it will really help reduce your stress throughout the year!  Today we are putting recurring events on the calendar.  Dates like birthdays, anniversaries, monthly appointments, etc.  Forgot when your aunt or cousin’s birthday is?  Call and ask someone.  (Yes, it can be embarrassing to ask, but it’s more embarrassing to realize too late that you’ve missed it.)  You’re really make everyone feel good that you remembered them this year on their special day! And you’re going to feel so much more relaxed knowing you’ve got this under control.


NOW WE’RE GOING TO ADD AN EXTRA STEP:  Put a reminder two weeks BEFORE those dates so you have time to buy cards and gifts early and be prepared, not stressing out on your way to a birthday party empty handed with ten minutes to stop at the store (we’ve all been there! before, and don’t want to do it again)


That’s it!  Enjoy the rest of your day!!