Conquering the PMS beast



Ok ladies, this post gets personal…

I have always had difficulties with my period. When I was young, it was cramps, but as I’ve gotten older those have gone away and been replaced with ever-increasing mood swings. My amazing husband has been very understanding these past few years as the Hulk joins our family for a few days every month, but I really needed a way to make him stop invading our lives. I’ve tried over the counter medicines and prescription medicines, meditation, and even excessive amounts of chocolate, but still didn’t find relief. I’ve finally found assistance in the least likely place…an app! Sounds crazy right? I know! (And no, I am receiving no compensation for this post, I’ve just had so much help with it I have to share with EVERYONE!!)

The name of the app is Clue: Period and Ovulation Tracker, or Clue for short. It has a lot of great things in it, but here’s my favorite; it tells you when PMS is coming. You can have it say anything as a warning. I get an alert on my phone that says, “be careful this week.” How does it know that? Well, you enter the dates of your period and the other information about how you feel every month and it tracks the cycle info.  You can register an account so that they combine your info with others from all over the world and create a database to better understand women’s cycles. You can also NOT create an account and keep your personal stuff, you know, personal.


Now I am warned BEFORE PMS STARTS, before I start turning green (that’s the Hulk reference.) So when I feel like exploding because one dish wasn’t completely washed, or I find a pair of shorts on the floor, I just keep telling myself, “be careful this week.” And it WORKS!!! I can really tell a huge difference I how I feel (and so can hubby, that saint.)


Clue also tracks:

    • Bleeding heaviness (so you can plan accordingly)
    • Pain (cramps, headaches, etc)
    • Emotions (yes, definitely need that one!)
    • Sleep (need more or less at different times of the month? Now you’ll know)
    • Craving (sweet, salty, carbs, chocolate?)
    • Digestion (is bloating in your near future? will those leggings be a better choice than tight jeans today?)
    • Energy level
    • Motivation
    • Social (how supportive are those around you?)
    • Sex (you can keep a record if you’re trying to get pregnant, etc.)
    • A section to type in your own issues


Fill it out for a few months, then your calendar and graph will fill up with any and all of the things listed above to find out exactly what’s going on (you might be doing that on your own, but I always had a hard time until now.)

Do I still get PMS? YES. But I can control how I am going to respond much better, naturally, and I utilize most of the other portions so that I can be better prepared physically too.

One more thing I like about Clue, they are working on erasing the stigma of periods world-wide. “Periods are a health reality for 50% of the world’s population. Yet the menstrual cycle is often not discussed in public – because of cultural discomfort, social customs, or simply lack of information about the topic.” Says an intro to the app. They did a survey that 90,000 people answered. Find out what they learned by clicking here.

So, the next time you fell really PMSy, and yell at that beautiful face with those tiny eyes that love you so much, think of ways you can make it better. 50% of the adult population has a period, you’re not alone.

Have any other ideas for improving your period or PMS? Please share HERE!

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