Day 10 — Surround Yourself With Beauty




Let me start by saying that I am not talking about hair and makeup, or fashion.  I’m talking about CREATING BEAUTY AROUND US! As women, we are attracted to beauty, but many of us don’t put much effort in making our own surroundings beautiful because we’re busy trying to make everyone else’s lives better.  Today, I want us to make the space that we’re in most often more beautiful.

Beauty means different things to different people. To some women, beauty is hot pink and a lot of bling, to others it’s the colors and sounds of nature. I want you to think about what beauty means to you, and form a plan to bring more beauty into your life.





START IN THE PLACE YOU SPEND THE MOST TIME.  I spend most of my life in my bedroom.  Realistically I spend 14-20 hours per day in there.  That’s A LOT!! My space needs to be as peaceful and aesthetically pleasing as possible, but somehow, over the past few years, I’d forgotten how important that is.  Now that I’ve improved it, I can’t BELIEVE I waited that long!

Last month, I looked around my room and noticed that not only was it messier than I’d like, but it was dark and dismal. I like the color black, and my curtains and bedspread, pillow, etc. were all black. Well, let me tell you, that gets depressing! So, for my hubby’s birthday, I RE-DECORATED OUR ROOM.


Yes, that’s a Wonder Woman cape on my side. It reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to!

First thing, I got rid of the clutter that had slowly made our bedroom its home.  Then I changed the bedding and curtains, and even put a canopy on our bed. (Amazon, $16…can’t beat it!)  I chose a print that we would both enjoy looking at, since we share a room & I want us to both feel peaceful in it.   Last, I put a sign on the bedroom door that says “Welcome to Your Retreat.”  It’s like being in a whole new place, it really IS our retreat! It took one day and not too much work (I picked out what I wanted to buy online the night before. You can see what most stores have available for pick up that day and you know what’s in stock–no running from store to store to see what they have!)

While I was out, I also picked up a cute mail sorter that I’m using for a charging station for phones and tablets, so I don’t have a stacked mess of devices and cords on my nightstand. We love the sound of a fountain, and my next purchase will be a nice, soothing fountain to put on my dresser.  (On a budget but want to make a change? Here’s a hint, Macy’s has some beautiful, luxurious, high-end bedding and they frequently have deep discounts! I got a $360 bedding set for $60!)



If you need help deciding how to add beauty into your space, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of things are beautiful to me?
  • What helps me feel calm?
  • What could I add to my space to make me feel better?
  • Is there something that I’ve seen on vacation or someone else’s home that I can replicate that will make me smile?
  • What colors make me feel happy/calm/peaceful?




YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY: Decide what you can do to surround yourself with beauty. Even if it’s just one or two things at first. It really will make you feel better.




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