Day 4–Write All Appointments & Vacation On Your Calendar


Today we banish those pesky little pieces of paper that multiply in our kitchen and on flat surfaces that tell us about all of the dates we need to remember.  School events, doctors appointments, parties, they all have their own paper, or e-mail that let us know where and when we’re supposed to be somewhere.  Unfortunately, sometimes those appointments get missed because we have so many places where the reminders hide.  Today we are changing that!

GET OUT YOUR NEW, PRETTY CALENDAR AND ADD YOUR APPOINTMENTS TO IT. Look in drawers, on the fridge or anywhere you keep those miscellaneous papers telling you about important dates and write them all down.  Now you can let go of those papers!  Not only will you be prepared, but you won’t have that clutter in your space any more.  From now on, write every event you hear about in your calendar as soon as possible.


**BONUS FOR TODAY–Be sure to put your vacation in there, as well as a reminder 2 weeks before your vacation to purchase clothes and supplies.**

Can’t afford a vacation this year?  Plan a “staycation.” According to Wikipedia a stay·ca·tion is:

a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

CAN’T GET OUT BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT FEELING WELL?  PLAN IT ALL AT HOME!  It might sound silly at first, but everyone needs a break.  Schedule a few days to turn off the phone & computer, rent a bunch of movies, and order in or buy your favorite feel-good foods.  Maybe you can invite a friend or friends to join you.

Getting into the idea?  You can even have a theme, like watching beach movies and setting up beach towels in the living room.  Make some pina coladas and enjoy!

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