Day 5–It’s Time To Make A Budget


Today we are embarking on a journey that many have avoided.  I know it’s not a word that everyone loves, but EVERYONE NEEDS A BUDGET.  From those with so much money that you can spend it on anything you like, to those who feel that they don’t have enough to budget, everyone who makes and spends money needs one.

THINK ABOUT IT LIKE A PUZZLE.  YOU CAN MAKE EVERYTHING FIT, IT MIGHT JUST TAKE SOME PLAYING AROUND TO GET THE PIECES TO WORK TOGETHER.  You really will feel better when you have everything on paper.  I enjoy filling out my budget each month.  I especially love knowing in advance what we’ve got for special events, like birthdays and holidays, so I can shop guilt-free!

Remember—always budget some money into the budget for yourself.  You need to give yourself permission to enjoy yourself!  No matter how much money you have, you need to have (at least) a little fun!

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