Day 6–Declutter and Donate


We’re past the halfway point!  Starting tomorrow, we’re going to conquer the day to day things around the house that need a plan, but before we get started, let’s de-clutter our homes!



Clutter can fill your mind as well as your home when it’s everywhere.  Let’s stop looking at stuff we don’t need. **helpful hint** use black trash bags so no one sees anything in there that they want to pull back out.  (Lesson learned the hard way) HERE’S HOW WE’RE GOING TO DO IT:

FIRST– THE CLOTHES.  Start in your closet and put all of the things you realistically won’t be wearing ever again.   Next, move into the kids room with another bag and do the same in their closet.

SECOND–Do your children have an abundance of toys after the holidays?  Mine do!   Throw out the broken ones or things missing pieces, and consider donating some of the ones they just don’t play with. ( I just ask that you really choose carefully, don’t give away things that are still meaningful, I still hear the sad story of our giving away an old child-sized couch I thought my daughter was too big for.  She still mourns its loss.)

THIRD–take a rest here.  Don’t wear yourself out! Spend fifteen minutes putting your feet up with a cool glass of water.

FOURTH–Now, where else is stuff hiding that you don’t need/will never use?  Do you have a stack of it somewhere?  Grab and bag it!  You’ll feel so much better when you’ve cleared out excess items from your home.  Plus, when you donate it, you’re giving someone else a chance to love them!

FIFTH–Do a walk through of each room in your home.  Bring both a trash and donate bag with you.   Try to find a few things in each room that can go away. Less stuff = less cleaning!



Click the picture to go to the AmVets site to schedule a pick-up and support veterans.



AND LAST–Call  a your favorite local charity or AmVets (American Veterans) or Goodwill and they will pick up your stuff so you don’t have to lift anything or take it away!  Be sure to get a receipt for tax time!  TA DA!  Less stuff to worry about, and less to pick up.  Plus, you’ve helped someone in the process.  Way to go!!!

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