Day 9–How To Make And Save Money


Today’s topic is money


You’ve got a budget now, but do you need some extra money coming in to help with bills?  Maybe you could use a little extra money so you can have some fun?  Read on for some different ways to make some money full time or part time.




Are you happy at your present job? Do the people treat you right? If you’ve answered no to either of these questions, it might be time to look for a new place to work.  Some people believe that work equals misery, and that just DOES NOT HAVE TO BE the case! Every employer has a different way of viewing and treating their employees. Find a boss you’ll enjoy working for.  You will feel better physically if you are happy, and if you’re miserable eight hours a day at your job, happiness is going to be difficult.

If you don’t enjoy the type of work you do, look for something else. It’s never too late to try something different! You can even look into getting a certificate to help you find a new kind of career without having to get a degree in a new field. HERE’S A LIST OF SOME IDEAS for certificates.

(I never would have thought of #13!)



If you can’t work a full-time job (or just need some extra), you might be able to take a hobby and turn it into something that makes money. Etsy and Ebay are easy places to sell things, and you don’t pay anything to them until you make a sale. If there’s something you can make, or you have things at home that you don’t need that can bring in some money that’s a great way to do it!

CLICK HERE FOR A HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE on 101 ways you can make $500 per month. Not really sure about all of them (Did you know about #88?  It seems a little sketchy…) The list will DEFINITELY give you some ideas.  (Numbers 67-79 would be doable from your bed with a computer if you’re not feeling well!)

Many counties in the United States have ARC offices that help disabled people with a little money to help with medical and respite expenses. YOU CAN CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND PLACES THAT MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU with financial resources if you’re disabled.  I don’t know about financial help for people with disabilities in other countries. If you do, please put your ideas in the comments below.

HERE IS A LIST OF US GOVERNMENT BENEFITS and that website also has a tool that you can use to find if there is other financial assistance available to you.  If you’re disabled and live in the US, have you tried filing for social security disability? If you do, you need to know that they automatically deny up to 50% of people up front. If you are disabled and have been denied, file an appeal within the time frame that they specify to keep your application going. It will take time, but will be worth it in the end.




YOU NEED TO BE SAVING MONEY.  I do understand that it is VERY difficult if you’re sick and there’s not very much coming in, but you need to have an emergency fund!  A good rate of saving is 10% of everything you earn.  Can’t save that much?  Try 5%, or even 1%.  Save SOMETHING every time money comes in.  Your goal at first should be to reach $1,000 in savings.  That way, if you have an emergency, you can take care of it yourself without being in a panic.  (Yes, we learned that lesson the hard way!)

Already have a good amount of money put away?  Fantastic.  Just keep going.  My goal is to have everything, even our home, paid off in 10 years.  We have committed not to use credit for anything, but we have some old bills we’re still paying on.  Next comes the car (so great not to have a loan on your car if you can avoid it) and then the house.  It’s tough to do it, but it can be done.  And how nice would it be to be completely debt free?

If you have any other ideas about making money when chronically ill or disabled, please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to share them! Know secrets to saving?  Please share them too!

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