Having a bad day? Create a SUPERHERO!

SUPERHEROES ARE SO COOL. I created my own and you can too! You don’t even have to be able to draw. If you have a computer you can create something incredible right now! I know that when I don’t feel well, doing something fun makes me feel better & I’m always looking for fun, easy things to do with the kids that don’t require much energy.  Are you too?  Well look no further…

My husband hadn’t ever tried it before, and in 10 minutes, he’d created this guy.

I found Heromachine because I really wanted my blog to have its own superhero, someone who represents me. But honestly, I can’t draw more than a stick person. So, what’s a girl to do? Find magic on the internet and that’s just what I did. Magic in the form of www.heromachine.com!

Heromachine is so amazing! My creation is a very basic old school superhero, but you can create all kinds of things! They have all kinds of styles, including anime. You can have a sidekick for your creation and even a background! Here are the two my 5 and 7 year old created:

My daughter made a girly ninja. Boy, does my son LOVE blue. It’s amazing how different everyone’s characters will look.

You can design your perfect character for free RIGHT NOW! They also have a one-time fee of $9.99, or a monthly subscription for $.99 for different plans. Yes, that’s only ninety-nine cents per month! You just can’t beat that! That’s the one I use, and it’s got some fantastic choices. (Although the other one downloads into your computer and might be easier to save your creations permanently.)

Also, I am not getting paid for this post at all, it’s important you know that. It’s a great thing for you to do yourself (bring out that inner geek) or with the kids. Mine love superheroes, and think it’s so cool that they can make creations that look just like themselves wearing their favorite color. (and some that don’t look just like them LOL) They have so many different options for you that you could create a new character a day for a year and not exhaust all the options!

Try it out and let me know what you think HERE! I’d love to see your creations too. I know I’ll definitely be creating more!


I changed the outfit and colors for my girl. It’s so easy to do!

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