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It is so hard to be a mom with a chronic illness. Did I say hard? I meant intensely enriching, fulfilling, agonizing and exhausting. The greatest joy and the greatest test of my strength. I struggled with my chronic illnesses for years before deciding to focus on being positive, and it that has improved my life more than I ever imagined! I want to take the same changes I have made and share them with you, so you can experience the peace and calmness I have found. Everything isn’t going to be perfect, but we can work together to continually make it better.

Here’s how it started….

I was desperately looking for ways to balance caring for myself and my children (like how to be a “good” parent the days I spend in bed) and there were some ideas out there, but they’re scattered all over the place. It took hours just to find some games to play that I could play from the bed without getting up to get anything (a list of those is coming soon!). I don’t have hours to search on the computer. Either I’m on it when the kids are awake, taking more time from them, or at night when I’m exhausted. It was so frustrating to try to find help. THAT WAS MY LIGHTBULB MOMENT!

If I was having so much trouble finding help with ideas for dealing with health and children, and life while chronically ill, then so were other people. So I decided to create this website, TO HELP ALL OF US! But, I wasn’t very positive at that point, and I made a conscious choice to become positive at that moment. I could either choose to make things better, or be a fraud here, and I need to be honest with you, so I’m focusing on the positive.

 My life immediately changed for the better! I have a focus, I am truly looking at the world differently, and you can do it too! I recommend finding something positive that you can do. Maybe something like a craft, or cooking, or even taking a class outside of the house (I did that and it was GREAT!) Can’t move around much? Make digital scrapbooks with those huge amounts of pictures there on your computer. Something to take the focus off of your health. Something to get you doing something that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

 I am working daily on improving my life and parenting by focusing on my interests and the positive aspects of life, not on my illness.  I am also working on a book called, “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again.” That, along with this blog will offer inspiration and encouragement on your chronic illness journey.

I also have found that there is some crazy medical information out there, and to find credible info about my illnesses isn’t easy. I want to provide help for you with that too.

That’s why I created this blog, TO HELP YOU feel more confident in parenting, feel better yourself, and to help you find the information you need and can trust. I want to build a community of women who share their ideas that work, and build each other up, and grow as confident, positive Moms.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Chronically Positive Mom!

  1. This is fun to read and really provides a ton of good info. As a chronically ill mom I identify with so much of what you are saying. Thank you for sharing your experience. Of course some of what you’re saying fits me very well and then some doesn’t, which I know is to be expected of any blog. Like, my kids are both autistic and it’s harder for them to understand what I’m asking of them (i.e., to help around the house) and translate that into action. And now you’ve got me thinking about it and thinking that maybe I should start getting them used to the idea that they aren’t going to be catered to all their lives, autism or no autism. But still…a chronically ill mom to “small” children I now know because of this blog, is going to have many of the same struggles I have mentally and emotionally. I identify SO MUCH with the guilt. I agree that a tidy house makes you feel so much better and that your bedroom should be a haven. I am thankful now that I have read your blog and I know that some experiences are universal. I don’t feel so alone. Thank you!

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