The Importance of One on One Time

Whether you have one child or many, spending special one on one time with them is priceless.

We often think that as long as we are all at home, our child’s “Mom time needs” are being met. But they also need time with us when we are totally focused on them.

As I’ve said before, games are one of my favorite ways to connect with our children. I like them because games can be played at any age, and there are so many fun games for all ages out there. Also, when I’m playing, I’m not thinking about or doing anything else except being present with the people I’m playing the game with.

We also like to take turns taking each of the kids out for “dates” one at a time.  It gives us a chance to get to really focus on what the other person is saying and get to know each other better one on one. If money is tight, even a little thing like sitting in McDonalds and eating a parfait will work. It’s all about the child knowing you’ve taken the time just for them.  We do this with all ages, not just younger ones.  Teens and tweens need Mom time too even if they aren’t specifically asking for it any more.

Children of all ages need one on one time with Mom.

This is also possible for those of you who can’t get out of the house easily. I had a friend with eight children close together in age. Making times to take each one out on their own was a very difficult feat.  When they were growing up, they each got two hours once a month just with Mom on the couch while Dad took all the other kiddos outside or in another room. Now, that might not sound like much to some people, but to a child, knowing that they are having that much time completely focused on by Mom is special. You both can even get dressed up, have special snack, or play games right there on the couch. Make the most of ANY time you have together!

Want some more in-depth information about the importance of one on one time with your kids? Read the article, Getting to Know Your Kids, One on One By KJ Dell’Antonia by CLICKING HERE!

I don’t recommend having one on one times involve TV or electronics of any kind. It’s so easy to look at and focus on those things and completely forget about the person next to you. Technology has its place, but not in one on one time with your child. There is a great article in Psychology Today about the effect of technology on all of our relationships HERE.  Family movie nights are also fun, but one on one time needs to be interactive with your child.

It’s amazing to me that the article above was written in 2010 and is even more relevant today. Although technology has the ability to bring people from all over the world together in discussion, we still need to take the time to build our personal connections face to face without it.

Your challenge for today: Make a plan to spend one on one time with your child(ren). Put it on the calendar and keep it a priority just like a meeting from work would be. Your child will enjoy it, and you will too. Let me know how it goes!!!


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