YOUR INVITATION TO: The Chronically Positive Moms Group!






WHO: Moms with chronic illness

WHAT: THE BEST group on Facebook for Moms with chronic illnesses and pain.




  • Need someone to talk to who’s living the struggle?

  • Need help figuring out how to parent when you can’t even get out of bed?

  • Need to know how to keep your home livable when you can’t get up to do much?

  • Looking for some friends who won’t get upset that you can’t get out today because you’re too sick/have kids/have doctor’s appointments?

  • Want to find out how other women are handling their symptoms?



Join us and invite your friends! Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PCOS, MS, there is no end to the list of health issues that women are struggling with. No matter what challenges you face, we want to be a safe place to share and be nurtured.




Can’t wait to see you there!




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