Parenting with Guilt

Some days, Guilt and I are co-parents
Like when:

  • I get a sitter and go out and Guilt tells me I have no right to have fun, since I didn’t do much at home today;
  • I discipline the kids, and Guilt tells me I’m too hard on them & I should be more lenient since they have it so “rough” with me (being chronically ill) as their Mom;
  • I don’t feel much like crawling on the floor playing, and Guilt tells me I shouldn’t even be a Mom;

WOW!  He (Guilt) tries to tell me that A LOT! Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I wander down the sad, thorny path with Guilt and wallow in his disgust of me and my chronic-illness-parenting.

BUT THEN I REALIZE—this has to STOP!!!
I am the Mom my kids were supposed to have! They are going to be GREAT with me for a Mom!! Not just OK, but GREAT!!


  • When I get a sitter I come home refreshed and prepared to be the greatest Mom in the world to these kids;
  • When I discipline them, they are learning how to be better people who can cope with the rules of adulthood;
  • And I am the BEST Mom these kids will ever know, and it doesn’t take doing something that hurts me to be that for them!

So the next time Guilt tries to co-parent with you, tell him to hit the road. Your children were literally made for you. They are here with you for a reason, and you can always find ways to work around your illness to let them know they are loved, and have some fun too!


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