Remember Your Daily MEDS

You deserve to be taken care of! And it needs to start with YOU!

There are so many other things to do; caring for children, spouse, cooking, cleaning, work….the list goes on and on, but I will tell you this, the more you take care of yourself, the more helpful you are to everyone else.  Taking care of yourself first will make you a better parent!



What are they? You might find this list similar to something you’ve seen before, but this one is just for us…





MOVE! Notice here that I did not say exercise. Maybe you can exercise and that is GREAT! Do that! But if you, like me, can’t do a little bit without having some serious problems, then find ways to move that keeps your body going without completely wearing you out. Stretch when you wake up, walk an extra few steps when you’re going somewhere. Move as much as you can safely do.

EAT! Eat properly, you know what that means for your body. Put some snacks together at the beginning of the week so you’re ready to eat good food & not grab that bag of chips or cookies. Plan your meals in advance so you’re not panicking at four p.m. and just going through the drive-thru because you can’t get dinner together. Let’s face it, sometimes those things are a nice treat, but if that’s all your eating, you’re not going to feel your best!


DATE! This means take special time out with each special person in your life. Schedule social times on your calendar just like you would for any important appointment. Date your husband/significant other, make time with friends, and take time out with each child and make them feel special. You will be able to truly hear what they are saying, and regular times with Mom are the kind of times your child(ren) will definitely remember. Forever. Now, you’re not going to have a date every day, but you can look at your calendar every day and see that you have a special plan with someone coming up and it’s going to make you feel positive and hopeful! THIS HARVARD MEDICAL ARTICLE  talks about the importance of strong relationships.


Not feeling well enough to get out of the house? Schedule time to turn off the TV and phone and have a nice candlelight dinner, or to sit with a child on the couch and cuddle up and talk or play a game or read. It will make you both feel more connected.


SILENCE! You need it. Whether it be prayer, or meditation, or just 15 minutes a day when you don’t have any pressure to do anything but sit and relax and think, or not think, whichever is better for you. Turn off the computer and the ringer on your phone.

If you’re lucky, you have little nappers at home. That can be a great time for you to have silence. If not, I will share my secret, it’s called QUIET TIME. Quiet time is for any age child who can safely be alone. We’re even talking older kids here! It’s a set time, use a timer for younger ones, an hour is a nice time, start shorter and build it up. For that time they are in their room, QUIET. They can read or quietly play, and that is it! They learn how to be alone and have their silent time too, and you get to have some silence, then rest or get some things done.

In her article, 6 Reasons You Should Spend More Time Alone, Sherrie Bourg Carter gives some great reasons for you and your kids to have alone time. You can read them HERE.


Here’s a bonus S, SLEEP! You know you need it. Enough said. Need more reasons? CLICK HERE to learn more!


YOUR CHALLENGE FOR TODAY: Take at least one of your daily meds today, two tomorrow, three the next day, then four. Continue doing all four every day until you turn them into habits. You will feel better, and your family will thank you! Let me know how it goes!

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