There’s Excitement In the Air!

I am writing a book!  Well, to be honest, the actual “writing” is done.  Now we are doing the final edit.  That sounds pretty easy, right?  It is.  BUT, as I’ve learned, there’s more to self-publishing a book that writing it.

Yes, I thought that writing a book was the hard part.  I’d toyed with first chapters of several books in the past, but they never got off the ground.  The Sick Mom’s Guide® to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too! Was almost totally completed in eight days.  Yes, 8! That was a book that just came onto the keyboard like ants to a picnic.  It took a month to make it pretty, then off it went to be edited.

After the writing, though, is when the hard work starts for a self-publishing author.  Book images, back cover, pre-orders (read about what it’s like to prepare for that here:, then off to another website to upload and prepare for the paperback.  Audio for the audiobook will be done in June (can you say pushing the limits of time?)

Then the promotion!  A book is no good to anyone unless they know about it and read it.  I have an AMAZING launch team that is about to start reading and reviewing the book.  They’ll share what they love about it to their friends and followers.  I have the privilege of being featured on some amazing podcasts starting in May, and I’ll give you the links to all of them as they are available. Thunderclap is an amazing promotion tool that I will utilize when the cover is ready, and then there is




Over at you can sign up to get a coupon code for the first week the book is out in paperback.  You can tell your friends about it, buy the book it, or share it.  Any and all would be appreciated.  There’s definitely something in it for you!


With all of that, and my inability to breathe last week, it’s been quite a whirlwind.  I apologize for being MIA, and appreciate your understanding.  You are the reason I’m here, and I think about you every day as I prepare the book that will rekindle your joy and give you some fun!


Next week the FUNFEST begins!


Six weeks of articles about having fun & enjoying yourself, even on your worst days.  I’m excited about it & can’t wait to hear how your life is changing for the better,



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