Day 2–You Need a Calendar to Stay Organized

Here we are, already the second day of the new year!  Did you set yourself some goals yesterday?  It’s not too late!  The next thing we are going to do will help us keep on track, both for our goals for the new year, and the day to day business of keeping organized.

TODAY’S PROJECT:  GET A 2017 CALENDAR FOR YOURSELF TODAY IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YET. Get a pretty one that you’d like to look at every day. Book stores have a lot of great choices. I like the ones that have a week on two open pages, with the days going in vertical lines so I can see EVERYTHING I have to do in a neat row.

If you can’t get out to shop, you could also order one online. Go HERE to my presents page and you can get a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. Order your calendar and have it with you in 2 days.  Also, there is a cool calendar called the Week-Date that you only have to write recurring things in once.  The link is HERE.


You can also set one up on your computer. (Yes, I’m sure you know this) You can personalize it with colors and to make it look pretty. Personally, I NEED to have my calendar that syncs from my computer to my phone with its helpful alarms, but I ALSO NEED ONE I can physically write, take notes, and keep track of all my little things in.

Feeling like you can do one more thing today? A DRY-ERASE BOARD IN THE KITCHEN OR DINING ROOM HELPS EVERYONE STAY ORGANIZED AND ON SCHEDULE.  We have always had one, but didn’t bring it to our new house (it was pretty trashed) I’ve missed that thing like crazy! I am going to pick up my new one tomorrow.  LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER WITH IT!


I put things like: goals for the week, special birthdays, etc to remember.  I also write each day’s schedule (we all really need the help remembering what’s happening, and that way the kids always know what to expect) You can pick one up at Target or Walmart (they’re really expensive at office supply stores) or at Amazon (link below)  One more nice thing about these is that you can leave little love notes. This is especially nice for teens and tweens who might need to hear how much you love them more, but don’t always show it.


Day 2–conquered!  Plus, it involves shopping, which I really enjoy. 

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