“Your kids will start helping you clean today!” Part IV Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary.

 It is YOUR place to sleep and relax. If you’re like me, you spend more than a typical eight hours in your bedroom.  Do you feel relaxed when you step into your room? Many of us don’t. We take care of the rest of the house, and since no one else will be in our room, we let it go. I say we need to take back our bedrooms! Starting today, focus on making your bedroom your special retreat.

We’re going to work on our room in 15 minute intervals. Each paragraph below is one 15 minute section. If you can get through a section in less than 15 minutes, move on to the next one.  Stop if you feel tired and start up again when you feel better. No job has to be done all at once. That’s where a lot of us get hung up and just don’t start cleaning,  then everything piles up and we are totally overwhelmed. Start small. Clean a piece at a time and before you know it, your room will be your sanctuary. You deserve it!

Start with your bed. Strip it and wash the sheets if it’s been a while.  Then make your bed. Your bed sets the tone for your whole room. I used to think it was pointless to make a bed just to get in and mess it up, but now that I make it every time I get out of it, it’s a lot nicer to walk into my room. This is a great time to teach your child(ren) how to properly make a bed if they don’t know.

Next, check out the area around your side of the bed. How does your nightstand look? How about the floor around there? Sometimes mysterious little pieces of trash and toys and stuff appear there. Now is the time to get rid of them. Little ones can take their things out of your room and put them away.

OK, now we’re going to work on the floor in your bedroom. Have trouble bending down and picking things up? Set the timer and make a game to see how fast the kids can get everything from the floor onto your bed. Make it a game, and it will go faster. Now you just put those things where they go.

Time to pick up everything on the flat surfaces of your room. Dressers, desk, etc. all need to be cleared off. Get them as empty as you can. Leave the things that make you feel happy out, but everything else must find another home. Have the kids take things into other rooms and put them away.

The last step is dust and vacuum. If you’re not feeling well, then just dust and vacuum your room. Don’t feel like you’ve got to do the whole house right now. This is just about YOU and your space.

How does it feel? It’s much more relaxing, isn’t it? It makes me feel happy and a lot calmer to have my room neat and clean. I hope you feel that way too. If you make your bed every time you get up and just spend five minutes every day picking up the stuff that manages to appear in your bedroom, you will notice a big difference in the way it looks and feels. Try it and let me know how it went!

Once your room is done, use the same plan for every other bedroom. Kids get overwhelmed by looking at huge messes and I know mine need to have me break down picking up their rooms a section at a time. Have them do it just like we did for our rooms, just tell them one part at a time and it will be less stressful than if they have to look at a huge mess all at once. They’ll feel better being in such clean rooms too!

Your challenge for today: spend 15 minutes working on your room. Even if you can just make your bed, you will feel better being in that space. Let me know how it went! Send a message HERE.

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