“Your kids will start helping you clean today!” Part V Dust & Vacuum

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that has accumulated everywhere it doesn’t belong? Do you ever wonder how it all got there and how you can possible put it all away? How can you dust and vacuum your home when there are things lying in your everywhere?   **Please note, there are affiliate links in this post**

You CAN do this. It’s easier than you think. Just like in your bedroom, we’re going to break things down into manageable pieces. Deep breath…here we go.

First, go to each room. This is going to be something that the kids can easily help you do. Take everything in that room that is somewhere it doesn’t belong and either put it all on the couch or bed in that room. Don’t worry about putting things away yet. That’s it! Now do that in every other room.

Now you have one condensed place in each room with things to put away. You can put them away now or later. Have the kids put their own things where they go, and toss the trash into the trashcan. You only have a few things left to put away and your house is looking GREAT!

There are two types of dusting in our home. Quick dusting with a duster to get the majority of the dust gone, and intensive dusting to erase all evidence of dust.  Today, run a duster (I LOVE the Swiffer duster, a link for it is below) over every flat surface. Get it into the crevices in the bookshelf and other small places. This can easily be done by the kids and then you just have to dust the places they can’t reach. (If you dust your ceiling fan every time you dust then you’ll never get that awful fan-stuff that accumulates after a month or two. An extender for your duster is definitely a worth while investment)

Once a month, get out a dust rag and some Pledge or other cleaner and do a serious dusting. It will smell and feel great and help repel the dust. If you prefer this method, do it every time, but I find that the other gets the dusting done in a third of the time and I’m not so tired. For me, it’s all about efficiency. I want a clean home, but I just don’t have the energy to deep clean it every time, and I’ve learned that it’s ok to do what I can and leave the rest.

Now for the vacuuming. In our home, there are two types of vacuuming as well. Quick vacuuming, which just runs the vacuum over the main part of the carpet in each room. It is all about quantity, not quality. For today, do this. You’ll feel good about it being done, and it won’t wear you out. If your kids are big enough, have them run the vacuum in a few rooms. Remember, we’re not going for perfection today, make it fun and they’ll enjoy helping next time. The link for the vacuum I use is below.  It works AMAZINGLY well!

Quality vacuuming involves getting the tube attachment and getting into every corner of the room. Honestly, this only gets done every couple of months at my house, vacuuming really wears me out! I have my older son do this, and I don’t like having him do too much because he’s also got school and a job and his time is limited.

Here’s the deal with your children helping you: they are more eager to help when they know that you value their time and you are not asking more of them than they can handle.



  • your house is picked up
  • it’s dusted and vacuumed
  • you are breaking jobs down into manageable pieces to get everything done
  • and your kids know how to help you.

You can get something done even on the days when you feel bad because you know that it’s OK to just do a small thing at a time, and everything doesn’t have to be done at once! I can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you. Send me an e-mail and let me know. Just CLICK HERE.

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